At Byte Audioworks we take a professional approach in a simple and effective way. We believe we are pioneers in understanding how a finished track should sound for live performance, streaming platforms, radio and on a variety of listening devices.

This is all possible due to over 15 years of experience, a never ending strive for perfection and the accompaniment of high end monitoring systems in a treated environment. These are the necessary tools to ensure your finished product is ready for the stage, car or mobile phone.

Whether its 50.000 people, or you enjoying music on your headphones,
we want your music to be finished in the way that leaves your hair standing on end.

15 Years
Projects completed

What our clients say


Besides working with Byte Audioworks on music, we love having them master a lot on our latest productions. It sounds warm and in your face, and they always manage to get those last final bits in the record we’re missing.


Mastering is a trade of its own. Byte Audioworks is by far the most precisely when it comes to details. They make sure that everything sounds as it should be… They never dissapoint!

Da Tweekaz

After working with Byte Audioworks for more than 10 years, we can truly say that they deliver the absolute highest end mastering service time and time again. Reasonable competitive prices and excellent end results. Highly recommended!

Bass Events

We’ve been working with Byte Audioworks for many years now and they always succeed in creating the perfect audio that reflects the atmosphere of our shows. Their technical skills and audio knowledge is of the highest level and they never miss a deadline. They are part of our dream team!

Sound Rush

We’ve worked with Byte Audioworks several times. Excellent service and they really stand for quality! They take the time to adjust things until you are completely satisfied.

Dirty Workz

Byte Audioworks is extremely good at what they do. Always delivering fast and high quality work, and if needed they always send through tips to further perfect your music. Highly recommended for ANY audio work – be it mixing, mastering, or producing music to fit your commercial wishes.


Since 2014 I’ve received masters from Byte Audioworks and they always deliver top notch quality. Loud masters with great dynamics and ultimate clarity for a good price with quick delivery times. I can definitely recommend Byte Audioworks!

Scantraxx Recordz

We’ve been working with Byte Audioworks over the last couple of years for their audio mastering services. They always deliver high quality products and we are really satisfied with our cooperation. True professionals!